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e the RCA jack. Remove the plastic casing from the piezo element, taking care not to bend or damage the element itself. 2 Solder the black wire f rom the piezo element to the ground ring on the RCA connector. Solder the red wire to the center terminal of the jack. Use additional wire to ext end the leads between the piezo element and the plug hole, if necessary. 3 Score the metal disk in the center with the utility knife to give a gr ipping surface for the epoxy. Spread a circle of epoxy in the center of the disk and press the side of the piezo element without wires onto the g restore outlook desktop icon windows 7 lue, pressing gently to ensure even contact. Set aside to let the epoxy cure. 4 Cut a small opening in one of the foam disks to pass through the RCA jack. Feed the jack through the hole in the bottom shell and secure it with the supplied hardware. Set the cut foam disk inside the shell wit wisconsin association of baptist churches h the metal disk on top of it, with the piezo element against the foam. Add the uncut foam to the top of the metal plate. Reattach the drumhead a .

"Private data." dialog.1 Check that the small end of the supplied power source is plugged into the "Power ACD1000 18V DC" jack on the back of th e AR300, and that the other end of the power source is plugged into an electrical outlet. The AR300 won't work if the power source isn't properly attached. 2 Remove the battery cover from the top of the AG300 transmitter, which is supplied with the AR300, and replace the AA battery. If the battery in the transmitter is dead, the wireless unit won't work. 3 Lift up both antennas on the AR300, and fully extend the antenna on the AG30 how to put volume icon on taskbar in windows 7 0 to ensure proper reception. 4 Check the output cables on the back of the AR300 to ensure they're secure. The 1/4" "Line" output is used to plug the AR300 into an amplifier or line level equipment, and the XLR "MIC" output is used when connecting to professional audio equipment. Check tha wisconsin association of baptist churches t the other end of the cables are secure. 5 Press the "Power" switch on the AR300 to the up position to turn on the receiver power, and press the .

o the AG300 transmitter. Obstacles between the transmitter and receiver can disrupt reception. 8 Reconnect the AG300 transmitter to the AR300 rec eiver. Turn off the AG300. Press and hold the "Edit" knob on the AR300 until "CH SCAN" appears on the screen. The AR300 locates the cleanest chan nel and the "IR SET" LED blinks. Place the AG300 six inches from the AR300 and turn on the AG300. The receiver transmits the channel number to th e transmitter. The AG300 transmitter shows the channel number when properly connected.1 Measure the fitting dimensions or the connection points f free audio books for mp3 to download or which you need to modify the banjo fitting. Mark the banjo fitting for the areas that need to be turned or trimmed. 2 Lock the banjo fitting i nto the mill. Set the mill to the proper angle requirements for removing the unwanted metal. 3 Run the mill head onto your marked areas. Once the wisconsin association of baptist churches metal is removed according to your specifications, remove the fitting from the mill. Lock the fitting into the lathe if turning is needed. Run t .

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