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to transition smoothly between the two is one key to creating a dramatic, dynamic sound. 4 Play with two or more distortion pedals, one when you' re playing rhythm and the other on lead. Practice transitioning from rhythm to lead. Distortion pedals can produce a big, bold sound.1 Determine what type of voice actor you want to be. If you are more interested in animation or similar jobs, listen to and study other professional voice ac tors in those areas. If you are interested in narrating or advertising, research those professionals. Determine what type of acting best suits yo Cookie Diet ur voice; consider your tone, quality, range and accents. 2 Choose a voice recording script. It should include voice overs that you would hear on the radio or on television on a regular basis. Practice reading the script and working on your inflection, pronunciation and energy. 3 Select a save our churches association lethbridge studio engineer who can record you for your vocal demo. Make sure that the engineer is reputable and that his or her credentials are sound. Recor .

Find out as much as you can about the agent, including who he has worked with in the past, what kind of voice acting he prefers, and what he is looking for in a client. Also, search for specifics that he might have as far as submission guidelines. 5 Prepare a voice-acting resume and cover letter if the agency requests it in their submission guidelines. Include any pertinent information regarding acting, singing, performance or voi ce-acting experience. Also include any foreign languages that you are fluent in. Send your resume, your demos -- which you should put onto a CD o DHEA r other music storage device -- and a self-addressed stamped envelope to the agencies of your choice, addressed to the agent you hope will consid er you. Label each of the contents of the package with your name and your contact information in case the agent misplaces one of them.1 Decide to save our churches association lethbridge whom you should send your portfolio. Go to Backstage.com and find the Call Sheet. This is a list of all casting directors, agents, and managers .

representation, write to agencies and managers who seem to share your views of the industry, and ask to meet with them in person. 2 Find a photog rapher to take your head shots. Pick your favorites ones and print them on 8-by-10-inch photo paper. Type your resume to include your professiona l experience, education and special skills, then cut this paper to fit on the back of your head shots. Include photos from past productions on an other sheet of photo paper, if you wish. Finally, add your cover letter. Keep it personal and brief. Explain why you're sending your portfolio to Eat Right for Your Type this manager, agent, or casting director, say thank you, and sign your name. 3 Type out each address onto a small, printable label. Do not addre ss portfolios by hand as this looks unprofessional. Create or purchase your own return address labels. Many programs allow you to add designs, or save our churches association lethbridge even your own photo, to your return address labels. You want the person to be curious when she receives your portfolio, since she receives so ma .

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