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international association of unity churches

rip. 5 Sweep and lightly mop your floor after every rehearsal and performance. Even if you have no props or liquid onstage, your dancers will app reciate coming off stage with clean feet. If there will be tap dancers using the marley, clean up is especially important, as the tap shoes can c ause a build-up of aluminum oxide (a thin, gooey substance). Do not use any abrasive floor cleaners on the marley. Certain chemicals can damage t he vinyl, not to mention that if your dancers are barefoot, harsh cleaners are the last thing they will want on their skin.1 Unplug the amplifier free invitaion templates from its electrical outlet. 2 Access the transformer by removing the screws that hold the back cover onto the amplifier. Often, the back of the amplifier is open to allow for increased airflow. If it is, you can skip this step. 3 Remove the wire nuts that secure both wires extending from international association of unity churches the transformer to the electrical cord. Mark the cord so you know which wire goes to which wire extending from the transformer. 4 Unplug any wiri .

. 6 Plug in any wiring harnesses that you previously unplugged. 7 Wrap the exposed end of the wires extending from the transformer to the correct wire on the electrical cord and then twist the ends together with the original wire nuts. 8 Reinstall the back cover if you had to remove it ear lier.1 Remove the oboe from its case. 2 Loosen any dust, dirt or other debris from the case's interior fabric with a clean, dry toothbrush. Brush loose debris from the recesses of the case toward the center for easier removal. 3 Vacuum the inside of the case with a small nozzle attachment. free performance contract template 4 Clean the outside of the case with soap and water, allowing it to dry completely before replacing the oboe. 5 Air out the case for a few hours if you notice any odor. Remove any lingering odors from the case by placing a cedar sachet or activated carbon odor remover inside, rather than international association of unity churches spraying it with liquid chemical odor removers, which can damage the oboe.1 Locate a shoebox for the project. An average-size shoebox will work f .

. Use a compass or draw it freehand as best as you can. This will be the sound hole for the shoebox guitar. Sound from the rubber band strings wi ll reverberate in the empty shoebox to make sound. 3 Cut out the circle using a razor knife or any other sharp object. Follow the line you have d rawn carefully and thrown away the material you have removed. Be careful allowing young children to perform this step, as sharp objects should be handled with care. 4 Cut six rubber bands for the string. Use different-sized rubber bands, if possible, placing the thickest ones in order on t 3d model in maya he bottom of the guitar closest to you with the sound hole on the right. Stretch them out and staple one end underneath the lip of the shoebox li d. Repeat this for all six rubber band strings, spacing them apart at the same distance. Stretch them over the hole and staple them underneath in international association of unity churches the same spot on the other side of the shoebox top. All six strings should go over the sound hole on the shoebox top. 5 Slide a pencil underneat .

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