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p to receive email or mobile text alerts, or download the Cirque du Soleil app for your iPhone to receive information about discounted tickets an d promotions. 3 Log on to eBay. Create an account if you don't have one already. Type "Cirque du Soleil" and "Las Vegas" into the search box at t he top of the page. Scroll through your search results and click to open listings that interest you. To purchase tickets click the "Buy it Now." Pay for your purchase with PayPal or other payment methods accepted by the seller.Stack Width for a Bi-Part Curtain The grand drape, or main curt templates slideshow html5 ain on a stage, is typically much wider than the stage itself, because of the extra fabric needed to make the flowing pleats normally seen in suc h a curtain, and because the two halves of the curtain overlap.All that fabric needs substantial space backstage to keep the drape from being vis hightown praetorian and churches association ible to the audience.For the curtain to be hidden behind the proscenium arch, two inches of backstage space is needed for every foot of curtain w .

ely 30 percent of the curtain width. Planning for Stacking Space When designing a theater space or replacing a stage curtain, you will need to pl an for stacking space in the wings.In addition, the curtain track ordered must be long enough to cover not just the stage but all the stack-back space as well.1 Locate each drum shell in your newly purchased drum kit. This usually includes a kick drum (the largest drum), a floor tom (the s econd largest drum), two rack tom drums (the two smaller versions of the floor tom) and the snare drum. 2 Lay the kick drum horizontally on the g free marriage contract template round so the beater head is facing toward you. The beater head is the side of the drum where the bass drum pedal will mount. Loosen the legs on t he front side of the bass drum. Loosen each leg's fastening mechanism. Rotate each leg downward until each leg is firmly planted on the ground. T hightown praetorian and churches association he legs will hold the kick drum in place. 3 Grasp the kick drum pedal. Hand-screw the beater mallet into the screw hole on the top side of the pe .

tand into the three mounting holes attached to each side of the tom's outer shell. Make sure the rubber platform on each stand is facing upward. Tighten the clamp on each mounting hole until each stand is firmly secured in place. Place the tom face up so the stands are facing flat on the g round. Position the floor tom on the right side of the bass drum. 5 Insert the rack tom mounting hardware into the hole on the top side of the ki ck drum. Tighten the clamp on the kick drum to fasten the mounting hardware to the kick drum. 6 Notice the two mounting poles extending from the 3d model in panties hardware. Slide the smaller tom onto the left mounting shaft, and the larger rack tom onto the right shaft. Tighten the knobs on each tom to fast en the toms in place. 7 Locate the snare stand hardware. Unscrew the hand screw on the base of the stand. Pull the legs apart until they are full hightown praetorian and churches association y extended. Stand the snare drum stand up. Tighten the hand screw. Grasp the three arms on the snare-grip. Pull the arms apart and place the snar .

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